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I think that aside from a trip to Australia, we have seldom travelled this far.  The day started with a 10 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  We had quite a long layover here, so we decided to book a day room at the Hilton Garden Inn at the airport.  We had never done something like this before, but this was really a good idea.  By the time we had arrived in Frankfurt sitting folded in narrow seats, it was a welcome pampering.  We had the opportunity to sleep on a comfortable bed, take a shower and freshen up in a very modern and comfortable setting.  This way I don’t mind a long layover, and I may plan them deliberately in the future.

After a nice rest in our room we went to Paulaner for a bite to eat.  For us it was a form of comfort food: Wienerschnitzel!  After dinner (…uh, jet lag perhaps it was lunch, breakfast?) we went back to Terminal 1 to make our way through security.  It was fun trying out my best German again, I think people understood me most of the time 😉

Hilton Garden Inn

Being well rested sure helped for the next leg to Johannesburg.  Another 10 hours of which I maybe slept one hour.  I did watch 4 episodes of Orphan Black and a movie.  Disembarking in JoBurg went smoothly, we hardly spent any time at customs and immigration.  I went to the ATM while Gepke called the Aero Lodge to come pick us up.  We were picked up and drove a short distance  to the hotel where we checked in.  Today we just intend to relax and get our bearings, but tomorrow we’ll take a tour of JoBurg and Soweto and visit the Apartheids museum.  We’ve been traveling since Monday, so I think we should take it easy for a few hours.

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