Okavango Delta, canoes and bush walk

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We get up extremely early at 3:30 AM to make the long detour due to the road being washed away. This early departure is necessary because some people have a 3 PM flight over the Okavanga Delta. All in all, … Continued


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It’s time to check out of the Cresta Sprayview and set off on the bus to Botswana. We have a large white bus large enough for 60 people, so there is plenty of room for the 16 of us. Baggage … Continued

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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After a restless night due to aches and pains, we rise early to visit the area of Victoria Falls. The breakfast at the hotel is perfect, with a great variety of choice of bread, fruit, cereals, and warm food like … Continued

On to Zimbabwe

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Our last breakfast in Joburg was not as good as the first one.  The quality varies a little, but it will keep us going today.  We’re all packed and ready for the next destination and at 8 AM our driver … Continued

Johannesburg and Soweto

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As planned the rest of our arrival day in Johannesburg was relaxing.  We caught a ride with a driver from the lodge to the Festival Mall to get a bite to eat and shop for bottled water and other necessities. … Continued

Africa, here we come!

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I think that aside from a trip to Australia, we have seldom travelled this far.  The day started with a 10 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  We had quite a long layover here, so we decided to book a day … Continued


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Nee, we zitten niet in Zeeland. Ik bedoel GOES ofwel Global Online Enrollment System. Als je veel reist dan gaat er best wel veel tijd zitten in het onderdeel waar je door security moet. Als je dat wilt stroomlijnen, kun … Continued

De volgende trip

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Wij zijn alweer bezig met de voorbereidingen van onze volgende vakantie.  Het wordt tijd een ander continent aan te doen, en dus hebben we onze blikken op Zuid-Afrika gericht.  Het gaat waarschijnlijk globaal de volgende route worden: vliegen naar Johannesburg … Continued